Aleš Adamič
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Couple of years ago Aleš's youngest brother died from cancer, and year ago also his good friend Irena. Lesson after lesson had teach him how to look on life from a different point of view. Now he does things that fulfil his soul, or as he would say - that his heart sing by, and he would like that everybody would have this opportunity. His purpose in life is finding yours, your potential, creativity and uniqueness. Goal: fulfilment of all involved. He moved in London (UK) from Slovenia, three and a half years ago with his (now) wife Martina. They both are taking part on different coaching seminars, because there is always something new to learn. Two years ago they opened the company for consulting and coaching for other companies and individuals. Ales is leading the seminars as well in Slovenia, mainly for corporate and business world. Martina work also as an artist and creativity coach.


flag Competition vs Competences
as author at  International Conference the Power of Innovative Ecosystems, Ljubljana 2011,