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DLSS & RLSS 2017 - Montreal   

Deep Learning (DLSS) and Reinforcement Learning (RLSS) Summer School, Montreal 2017

Deep neural networks that learn to represent data in multiple layers of increasing abstraction have dramatically improved the state-of-the-art for speech recognition, object recognition, object detection, predicting the activity of drug molecules, and many other tasks. Deep learning discovers intricate structure in large datasets by building distributed representations, either via supervised, unsupervised or reinforcement learning.

The Deep Learning Summer School (DLSS) is aimed at graduate students and industrial engineers and researchers who already have some basic knowledge of machine learning (and possibly but not necessarily of deep learning) and wish to learn more about this rapidly growing field of research.

In collaboration with DLSS we will hold the first edition of the Montreal Reinforcement Learning Summer School (RLSS). RLSS will cover the basics of reinforcement learning and show its most recent research trends and discoveries, as well as present an opportunity to interact with graduate students and senior researchers in the field.

The school is intended for graduate students in Machine Learning and related fields. Participants should have advanced prior training in computer science and mathematics, and preference will be given to students from research labs affiliated with the CIFAR program on Learning in Machines and Brains.


Deep Learning Summer School

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flagNeural NetworksNeural Networks
Hugo Larochelle Hugo Larochelle
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[syn]  2813 views, 34:51  
Pascal Lamblin Pascal Lamblin
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flagBayesian Hyper NetworksBayesian Hyper Networks
David Scott Krueger David Scott Krueger
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flag CRNN'sCRNN's
Rémi Leblond, Jean-Baptiste Alayrac Rémi Leblond, Jean-Baptiste Alayrac
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Reinforcement Learning Summer School

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flagTD LearningTD Learning
Richard S. Sutton Richard S. Sutton
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flagDeep ControlDeep Control
Nando de Freitas Nando de Freitas
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flagSafe RLSafe RL
Philip S. Thomas Philip S. Thomas
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