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EAE´08 - Budapest   

European Alumni Event

An estimate of 300 European alumni and AIESEC members will gather to celebrate 60 years anniversary of a global organization that was established in Europe and over the years spread to over 100 countries and territories around the world, activating youth leadership. Reunion will open space for inter-generational learning experience reflecting on relevant European issues and challenge ‘big thinking’. We provide a platform for both alumni, and current members, to discuss, connect and share thougts about several relevant issues. How did the different socio-economical and political trends after World War II shape the world and Europe and what was AIESEC’s role in it? Integration of different regions and Europe was a long awaited dream. How did AIESEC pioneer the process in the different regions? How could an organization, based on the “European ideal” become global and positively influencing several societies without being aggressive and oppressive? (“Positive globalization”) What is AIESEC’s role in nowadays society? Did it change throughout the past decades? These are just some of the possible questions we think can be included into every conference globally, but first and foremost, into the European Alumni Event.

Opening Ceremony

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flagOpening CeremonyOpening Ceremony
Katalin Bogyay Katalin Bogyay
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Panel Discussion & Interactive Dialogue with Audience (Present)

191 views, 1:14:07  
flagThe picture of EuropeThe picture of Europe
Anders Aspling, Miklos Marschall, et al. Anders Aspling, Miklos Marschall, Kate Barlett, Alexander Crawford
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Stories from Alumni (Past)

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flagI am an AIESEC alumnus and this is the story of our organizationI am an AIESEC alumnus and this is the story ...
Milos Motoska, Viktor Loewenstein, Jean Choplin Milos Motoska, Viktor Loewenstein, Jean Choplin
215 views, 28:07  
flagAIESEC TodayAIESEC Today
Gabriela Albescu Gabriela Albescu


56 views, 01:04  
Kate Barlett Kate Barlett
97 views, 05:43  
Anders Aspling Anders Aspling
115 views, 20:30  
Milos Motoska Milos Motoska
51 views, 05:15  
G`abor Cséffalvay G`abor Cséffalvay
votesvotesvotesvotesvotes 1111 views, 35:55  
Jean Choplin Jean Choplin
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Viktor Loewenstein Viktor Loewenstein

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