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ESTC 2010 - Vienna   

4th European Semantic Technology Conference (ESTC), Vienna 2010

The 4th European Semantic Technology Conference - ESTC2010 - was organized in Vienna, Austria for the forth time in a row.

The aim of the conference is to bring together the world's leading thinkers, innovators, developers, engineers, and senior practitioners within organizations responsible for information technology and systems in one place to learn about how to integrate this unparalleled technology into their operations.

ESTC is Europe's most prominent and authoritative conference focusing on the growth of the ICT semantic technology markets, highlighted by showcased industry practices, advancements in the field of semantic technologies achieved in the past year, and successful marketing strategies in delivering semantic applications that generate new revenues. Participants learned how to develop a cohesive strategy for managing semantic technology initiatives and how to utilize these to evolve the operations and effectiveness of their organizations.

4th Annual European Semantic Technology Conference homepage can be found at



Invited Papers

aws ESTC Innovation Seed Camp

[syn]  2873 views, 08:51  
Martin Brunthaler Martin Brunthaler

Linked (Enterprise) Data Workshop

Panel Discussions

[syn]  3951 views, 25:18  
flagLinked Open Data: DiscussionLinked Open Data: Discussion
Daniel Hladky, Diana Pottecher, et al. Daniel Hladky, Diana Pottecher, Marin Dimitrov, Jörg Wurzer, Sören Auer, John Davies

Show Case Presentations

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