Pierpaolo Andriani
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Current research focuses on the theory of Complexity as an interpretative framework and on its application to industrial clusters and New Product Development in distributed environments. He is currently involved in two European projects. The first is about regional clusters (together with the University of Tolouse, France, and Bologna, Italy) and the second is about a computer simulation regarding the importance of diversity in new product development.
Has a background in physics and has been Project Manager for various Research and Development European projects with several years experience in the laser industry and laser research. In 1997 I moved into Academia at the University of Durham, where I currently teach in Management of Innovation. He is also Chairman of the Durham Business School Alumni Association, director of the Complexity Society and director of the Summer School “e-Business and Complexity: New Management Practices”, held at the University of Lecce in Italy.


flag On the Relevance of Extremes vs. Means in Organization Science
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