Prem Raj Adhikari
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I am a M.Sc. student at Aalto University School of Science and Technology studying Master's Programme in Machine Learning and Data Mining (Macadamia). I am currently working for my Master's thesis under the supervision of D.Sc. (Tech.) Jaakko Hollmén. The topic is related multi-scale modelling in the context of model-based clustering. The Master's thesis is planned to be completed in November 2010. I am part of the Parsimonious Modelling research group at HIIT and Algodan.

I am interested in the Machine Learning and Data Mining Algorithms and their use in the analysis of large data sets. I am also interested in the Machine Learning algorithms for bio-informatics and computational biology.


flag Preservation of Statistically Significant patterns in Multiresolution 0-1 Data
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