Satya N. Atluri
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Satya Atluri is a UCI Distinguished Professor, in the Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering at UCI. His professional interests lie in the areas of aerospace and mechanical engineering. His teaching and research interests at UCI lie in the disciplinary areas of: applied mathematics; theoretical, applied, and computational mechanics of solids and fluids at various length and time scales; computer modeling in engineering and sciences; meshless and other novel computational methods; structural longevity, failure prevention, and health management.

He received Doctor of Science degrees from: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (earned,1969); National University of Ireland (honoris causa,1988); Slovak Academy of Sciences (honoris causa,2006); the University of Patras (honoris causa,2007), and the University of Nova Gorica, Slovenia (honoris causa,2009).

He is a Distinguished Alumnus of the Indian Institute of Science.


flag From the Mega to the Nano: Computer Modeling in Engineering and Sciences / Od mega do nano:računalniško modeliranje v inženirstvu in znanosti
as author at  Znanstveni večeri Univerze v Novi Gorici,