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Islam and the West @ Carnegie Council

Islam and the West @ Carnegie Council

The idea of a "clash of civilizations" has become popular to explain tensions between the Mulsim and the Western worlds---particularly ...

Security and Technology @ Carnegie Council

Security and Technology @ Carnegie Council

As technology develops at an unprecedented speed, it has the potential to effect our security in many ways. From questions ...


Carnegie Council

The Carnegie Council is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, educational institution dedicated to increasing understanding of the relationship between ethics and international affairs. Founded by Andrew Carnegie in 1914, the Council is a forum for the world's leading thinkers, experts, and decision-makers. Through videos, audios, and publications, the Council reaches a global audience, and embodies Andrew Carnegie's two great philanthropic interests: educational opportunity and the peaceful resolution of conflict. Our core educational mission is to expand and enlarge the audience for the simple but powerful message that ethics matter, regardless of place, origin, or belief.