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ECITL 2011 - Thessaloniki   

4th European Conference on ICT for Transport Logistics (ECITL), Thessaloniki 2011

The purpose of the 4th ECITL conference is to advance from the conceptual level of research to practical demonstrators in order to convince shippers, logistics providers and authorities that interoperability offers tangible benefits. System interoperability generates quantifiable savings in terms of cost, lead-time and/or energy efficiency compared to non-interoperable solutions. This shall be done through case studies derived from the projects' pilot studies and relating to for example, door-to-door tracking of cargo, reporting to customs and other authorities, intelligent cargo in emergency situations, and reconciling long term transport planning with short-term execution.

Detailed information can be found at ECITL 2011.


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Welcome Speeches



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Norman Böttger, Olivier Schalbroeck Norman Böttger, Olivier Schalbroeck

Closing Session

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Jens Schumacher, Wolfgang Höfs, et al. Jens Schumacher, Wolfgang Höfs, George Giannopoulos, Mary Vayou, Georgia Ayfantopoulou


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