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ICT Workshop 2008 - Lucerne   

ICT in Transport Logistics Workshop, Lucerne 2008

ICT in Transport Logistics is a joint GOOD ROUTE and EURIDICE International workshop, organised with the support of SMARTFREIGHT and ROADIDEA European Projects.

GOOD ROUTE is a EU co-funded specific targeted research project which aims to develop a cooperative system for dangerous goods vehicles through route monitoring, re-routing (in case of need) enforcement and driver support, based upon dynamic, real time data, in order to minimise the societal risks related to their movements, whereas still generating the most cost efficient solution for all actors involved in their logistic chain.

EURIDICE is an Integrated Project co-funded by the EU, ICT programme. The basic concept of EURIDICE is to build an information services platform centred on the individual cargo item and on its interaction with the surrounding environment and the user. For more information, you may refer to

This International Workshop aims to bring together all stakeholders in the area of transport logistics, such as experts, developers and senior representatives at companies and organisations involved in the logistics and road transportation sector, as well as representatives from the European Commission.


GOOD ROUTE Closing Event

ICT for Transport Logistics - EU Research Projects

Panel discussion: Towards intelligent cargo: Smooth transition or radical shift?

Keynote Session ICT in Transport Logistics: The Way Ahead

Technology Developments for the Intelligent Cargo

Cooperation Between Stakeholders in the Freight Transportation Sector

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