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Satellite Events

released under terms of: Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY)

In order to seize the moment and maximise impact the satellites have directly addressed the identified obstacles for the mainstreaming of OER.


Event sections

Satellite Events

Artificial Intelligence: Research, Technology and Business in OER

Knowledge 4 All Foundation would like to take advantage of the momentum it has created with its activities in technology and research for Open Education, and provide real-life and data driven inputs to policy making bodies at the Congress. The satellite event brings together representatives of Ministries, Data industry experts, Researchers and NGOs.

812 views, 23:33  
flagPanel: Building OER - ChallengesPanel: Building OER - Challenges
Rory McGreal, Jane Agbu, Richard Tibbles Rory McGreal, Jane Agbu, Richard Tibbles
967 views, 11:04  
flagPanel: Accessing OER - Challenges and Solutions Panel: Accessing OER - Challenges and Solutions
John Shawe-Taylor, Gregor Leban, Tel Amiel John Shawe-Taylor, Gregor Leban, Tel Amiel
751 views, 06:23  
flagPanel: OER for Inclusion and MultilingualismPanel: OER for Inclusion and Multilingualism
Gonçal Garcés Díaz-Munío, Jernej Pikalo, Richard Tibbles Gonçal Garcés Díaz-Munío, Jernej Pikalo, Richard Tibbles
720 views, 14:01  
flagPanel: Evaluating OERsPanel: Evaluating OERs
Emine Yilmaz, Robert Schuwer Emine Yilmaz, Robert Schuwer
687 views, 12:24  
flagPanel: OER and Computational ThinkingPanel: OER and Computational Thinking
Colin de la Higuera, Andrej Brodnik Colin de la Higuera, Andrej Brodnik

Going Open In Europe: Open Education Policies And Digital Competence Frameworks

The aim of this policy driven satellite event is to discuss policies and practices at both national and regional levels, within the perspective of the European Commission's open and digital agenda for education, and the forthcoming UNESCO recommendation on OER. Moreover, the goal is to discuss how to create an open education ecosystem and seize the opportunities of the digital transformation in education and training.

691 views, 39:03  
Andreia Inamorato dos Santos, Fabio Nascimbeni, Konstantin Scheller Andreia Inamorato dos Santos, Fabio Nascimbeni, Konstantin Scheller
679 views, 1:26:45  
flagFormal and non-formal education – “Make them equally accredited and recognised”Formal and non-formal education – “Make them equally accredited and ...
Jurij Krpan, Claudia Paller, et al. Jurij Krpan, Claudia Paller, Andreia Inamorato dos Santos, Konstantin Scheller, Zdenka Čebašek-Travnik, Louise Mason, Airina Volungevičienė

Opening Up Member States: “Opening Up Balkans” As Regional Pilot For Openness

The Government of the Republic of Slovenia would like to take advantage of the momentum it has created with its activities in open education on both national and international levels and align all main policy making bodies in the Western Balkans region into an integrated initiative. This follows the idea of the “Opening up the Balkans initiative" satellite.

678 views, 02:45  
flagWelcome Welcome
Stamenka Uvalić-Trumbić Stamenka Uvalić-Trumbić
560 views, 05:12  
Domen Božeglav Domen Božeglav
[syn]  690 views, 14:14  
flagOpening up CroatiaOpening up Croatia
Sandra Kučina Softić Sandra Kučina Softić

UNEVOC Network: Perspectives for OER in Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET)

The UNEVOC Network session convenes a workshop to inform about and discuss issues related to OER in TVET. The area of vocational education has thus far mostly been neglected when it comes to OER and MOOCs. UNESCO-UNEVOC has engaged in a new initiative to support UNESCO member States and UNEVOC Network members to stimulate the development of OER in the field of TVET with the aim of bridging education and work, reinforcing employability of learners, and fostering

Right copyright for open education worldwide

The Right copyright session is organized by the Slovenian Intellectual Property Institute, which is the partner organization of Creative Commons Slovenia, in cooperation with Communia, the International Association on the digital public domain.

The aim of the 90 minute session is to raise awareness among all Open Education stakeholders, and in particular among government representatives from UNESCO member states. We want to discuss how to include activities on copyright reform in efforts supporting the development of Open Education policies.

744 views, 36:07  
flagModerated discussion with introductory interventionsModerated discussion with introductory interventions
Alek Tarkowski, Nikola Wachter, et al. Alek Tarkowski, Nikola Wachter, Maria Juliana Soto, Lira Samykbaeva, Teresa Nobre, Damjan Hirsch

Arab OER Forum: Advancing the Regional OER Agenda

The “Exploratory Workshop on the use of Open Educational Resources (OER) for Arab States” organized from 21 to 22 November 2016 in Amman led to the establishment of a community of practice, dubbed the Arab OER Forum, to develop regional pilot projects, facilitate collaboration and learning in the five priority areas. An online platform hosted by ALECSO has served as a repository for the community’s outputs, while a Whatsapp group and mailing list served as the primary means for communication. Through a request for proposals initiated by UNESCO a limited number of regional pilot projects linked to the key areas are being supported.

[syn]  790 views, 21:10  
flagArab OER Forum projectsArab OER Forum projects
Islam Amro, Maria Fragkaki Islam Amro, Maria Fragkaki

Harnessing OER for the ICT Competency Framework for Teachers (ICT CFT)

This workshop intends to set up the basis for a ‘Network of Champion Institutions’ (NCI), a network of ICT CFT/OER practitioners from participating institutions who will model best practice and share it effectively with others. These experts or ‘champions’ will also offer specific support and advice to others.

667 views, 11:51  
Neil Butcher Neil Butcher

Technologies for OER and Open Education: European research projects showcase session

This event presents H2020 Innovation and Research projects, specifically the OER services and tools that originate from them. These facilitate improvement of information literacy of people from all societal sectors, serve as indispencable tools of policy makers in education and influence the way we learn directly.

Open Education Policy Workshop: Resources, Practices, Infrastructure

This event welcomed all attendees of the OER Congress to join OER stakeholders from around the world for a discussion about the 10 themes that represent big ideas for Open Education in the next decade.

755 views, 06:42  
Alek Tarkowski, Nicole Allen Alek Tarkowski, Nicole Allen
633 views, 07:40  
Christer Gundersen Christer Gundersen
558 views, 04:46  
Lorna M. Campbell Lorna M. Campbell
599 views, 06:15  
flagCommunicating OpenCommunicating Open
Virginia Rodés Paragarino Virginia Rodés Paragarino

OER and the importance of Open Educators

The event ran in a participatory and open way and relied on a few experts opinions that debated in light of the OEF results, shading a light on possible new strategies to increase the capacity of university educators to work with OEF and open approaches.

Encourage open educational resources by blended learning – development and application of blended learning curriculum

The use of information and communication technologies (ICT) in higher education is inevitable. Their use in educational processes has many advantages and can improve their quality if used appropriately. In recent years, the use of blended learning has increased among educators and teachers. Blended learning is characterized by combining distance learning through digital media with traditional classroom learning (face-to-face learning). At the event, we want to present and discuss the Erasmus+ Environmental Protection and Natural Disasters project results.

OER in non-English-speaking countries

To contribute to one of the 2nd World OER Congress objectives “showcasing the world’s best practices in OER policies and initiatives as well as OER experts”, UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education organized a special session on OER in non-English-speaking countries as a satellite event of the Congress. The session is intended to provide a platform for the exchange of opinions on the challenges and opportunities for the promotion and use of OER in non-English-speaking countries. The event will include introduction, presentation of country case studies and panel discussion.

KEN Workshop on OER and university didactics

University didactics remains an under-appreciated subject, and with OER it has become much easier for professors to upgrade and enrich their teaching performance. Besides raising awareness of this plain fact, cases of good practice are going to be presented.

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