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Semantics in digital content

Overall objective and topics to be addressed:

The aim of the session was to show recent developments in semantic technologies for digital content, with a specific focus on 3D. It stems from the activities of 2 initiatives: the SMaRT society, originated by the NoE K-Space, and the Coordination Action FOCUS K3D, originated by the NoE AIM@SHAPE.

SMaRT discussed the achievements and challenges in the field of semantics in Multimedia analysis and retrieval, leading to the 3D digital content in applications, which will be tackled by FOCUS K3D. This project promotes the adoption of semantic technologies in 3D content modelling and processing. In particular, 4 domains (CAD/CAE; Bioinformatics; Gaming; Cultural Heritage) will be addressed, where semantics can answer open problems.

The results of the discussion, open to users, creators of digital content and researchers, will act as a guide for the definition of research goals aimed at by the new scientific society on 'Semantic Multimedia Research and Technology' and the CA FOCUS K3D.

Agenda and Speaker lineup:

The Networking session was coordinated by Bianca Falcidieno, and opened by Michela Spagnuolo, CNR IMATI. Find below the list of speakers and their presentations. The talks where followed by an open discussion.

[syn]  3283 views, 04:28  
flagSemantics in digital content: Open discussion 01Semantics in digital content: Open discussion 01
Thierry Declerck, Yannis Orthopoulos, et al. Thierry Declerck, Yannis Orthopoulos, Paulo Villegas, Craig Stewart
[syn]  3320 views, 11:34  
flag Semantics in digital content: Open discussion 02Semantics in digital content: Open discussion 02
Michela Spagnuolo, Pedro Santos, et al. Michela Spagnuolo, Pedro Santos, Wolfgang Hürst, Manolis Vavalis, Frederic Cazals, Craig Stewart

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