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ICT 2008 - Lyon   

ICT Event: "I"s to the Future: Invention – Innovation - Impact, Lyon 2008

The biennial ICT Event is Europe's leading networking event and showcase, covering research and development in information society technologies (ICT). ICT 2008 is organised by the European Commission and hosted by the French Presidency of the European Union. More than 4000 participants are expected to attend the event.

The Event includes a high-level conference, a programme of networking sessions, and an exhibition of cutting edge research results from across Europe.

Main topics:

  1. Inventing the future: ICT technologies for the future
  2. Innovative Europe: new markets, new sectors, new players
  3. Impact through Policy: The role of public policy in stimulating innovation in Europe

ICT 2008 will set the agenda for ICT research and innovation in Europe for the next decade, and the 2009-2010 Work Programme for ICT research in the EU's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) will be presented in detail.

The conference will feature visionary speakers and high-level panel members from industry, business, public policy and ICT science.

More on Technologies for Information Management -

Networking session N.21: Semantic Technologies for the Enterprise: Adding Value to RTD

[syn]  2935 views, 45:59  
flagOpen discussionOpen discussion
Jesús Contreras, Mike Davis, et al. Jesús Contreras, Mike Davis, Massimo Romanelli, Rubén Riestra

Networking session N.31: Semantics in digital content: from multimedia to emerging 3D media

[syn]  3283 views, 04:28  
flagSemantics in digital content: Open discussion 01Semantics in digital content: Open discussion 01
Thierry Declerck, Yannis Orthopoulos, et al. Thierry Declerck, Yannis Orthopoulos, Paulo Villegas, Craig Stewart
[syn]  3320 views, 11:34  
flag Semantics in digital content: Open discussion 02Semantics in digital content: Open discussion 02
Michela Spagnuolo, Pedro Santos, et al. Michela Spagnuolo, Pedro Santos, Wolfgang Hürst, Manolis Vavalis, Frederic Cazals, Craig Stewart

Innovation and Creativity 1: The Expanding Information Universe: New Trends, New Forms, New Usages

[syn]  3440 views, 19:20  
flagThe Expanding Information Universe: Open DiscussionThe Expanding Information Universe: Open Discussion
Wilfried Runde, Frank van Harmelen, et al. Wilfried Runde, Frank van Harmelen, Amanda West, Márta Nagy-Rothengass

Networking session N.60: Collective Intelligence and Social Content Semantic Analysis

ICT Services for Sustainable Freight Transport: fulfilling the Intelligent Cargo Vision

[syn]  3260 views, 08:33  
Tytti Lankinen Tytti Lankinen
[syn]  3100 views, 12:24  
flagICT Services for Sustainable Freight Transport: Open DiscussionICT Services for Sustainable Freight Transport: Open Discussion
Graeme Kerr, Paolo Paganelli, et al. Graeme Kerr, Paolo Paganelli, Guido Walcher, Mitja Jermol, Jens Schumacher

ICT Work Programme 2009-2010 session: Work Programme objective 4.3 Intelligent Information Management

[syn]  4986 views, 15:48  
flagReal-Time Information ProcessingReal-Time Information Processing
Dunja Mladenić, Marko Grobelnik Dunja Mladenić, Marko Grobelnik

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